How to participate

Just follow these easy steps to stand a chance to win
Rs 1 Lakh
as your bumper prize!

Step 1:

Register yourself to enter the contest by just adding your email, name and mobile number.
You will then get an email from us to verify your account.
Stay patient, we will send you the mail within 1 minute!You just have to verify your email through the link shared with you.
Login to your account and complete your profile to start with the exciting first round!

Round 1

All you need to do is choose your preference of the best way to spend your leisure time.
No judgment here!

You will get to know yourself and might find out who your first love actually is! There is also a 50 point score that awaits you at this round so choose away!

Pro Tip:

Don't forget to rate both the options to go next,
just 5 questions

Round 2

After you complete round 1 you will get an email to play round 2. Here you will get a chance to be up close and personal with our most adored Skinella’s superfoods!

All you have to do is match the correct product with the superfood ingredient, easy right?!

Pro Tip:

In case you feel that you are unsure for this round, visit our website and go through our universe of products and superfoods to be able to play this round better!

Round 3

Ahh! You’ve reached the final step- round 3.
Here we would like you to showcase your great writing skills! Simply write an interesting letter to your first love.

Pro Tip:

Expressing your love has no boundaries so feel free to use hinglish as your language

Completed all the rounds?

Congratulations, girl!

Well, you feel the need to earn extra brownie points?